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Matrix Labs Titan is a comprehensive, very strong formula of three different SARMs, which is aimed at increasing lean body mass.

The supplement uses a combination of LGD-4033, RAD-140 and YK-11, which guarantees maximum gains. It is a product for people who are looking for a really strong anabolic, the action of which allows for very quick gains of good-quality muscle mass. The composition of the "sarm stack" has been selected in such a way that all active substances compliment each other, which gives us a product with a varied, strong effect, and at the same time is safe.

Matrix Labs Titan 60 kaps:

  • Comprehensive Muscle Growth,
  • Increased Aggression & Lifting Intensity,
  • Crush Plateaus,
  • Pack on Mass,
  • Stay Tight,
  • Increases in Strength,
  • Fuller Muscles,
  • Extreme Endurance.

Who is Titan STACK 40 mg intended for?

Titan STACK is intended for advanced people who want to enter an even higher level of expanding their body muscle mass. The supplement has a forceful anabolic effect, which allows for significant gains in muscle mass, comparable to the use of anabolic steroids. The product guarantees excellent results that are devoid of side effects. It will work well for both bodybuilders and people who train typically for building muscle strength.


Titan STACK 40 mg
LGD-4033 10 mg - also known as Ligandrol, has a strong anti-catabolic effect, and its primary role was to prevent muscle loss in patients suffering from wasting diseases. In sports supplementation, it is used due to its anabolic potential, which is noticeable even at minimal doses. It is an ideal means of building muscle mass, it is very effective, giving average gains of 2 to 4 kg of muscle mass over a period of 4-8 weeks of supplementation. LGD-4033 in tests is even ahead of the popular Ostarine, which has so far been considered one of the best-working SARMs.

RAD-140 20 mg - also called Testolone, is a SARM with a significant anabolic potential similar to testosterone, hence its second name, which refers to the hormone. It has been proven in scientific research that RAD-140 stimulates the growth of muscle mass, which is comparable to classic testosterone in strength, and most importantly, without side effects. RAD-140 cannot convert to DHT, therefore we are spared all the negative consequences of increased DHT in the body. It also does not convert to estrogens and does not increase the level of prolactin. Interestingly, RAD-140 shows cycle-supporting properties with the use of AAS as an element limiting the side effects of steroids. In addition, the action of RAD-140 does not burden internal organs, it is safe for the liver.

YK-11 10 mg - a substance classified as a SARM, however, it has properties that go beyond the effects of classic SARMs due to its steroid structure. Its action mimics testosterone, reminiscent of the classic DHT. So it is a dual action ingredient, on the one hand it has the function of classic SARMs, on the other hand, it also affects bone tissue. What's more, it has a strong effect as an inhibitor of myostatin (increases the level of the protein follistatin, which is an antagonist of myostatin), a hormone responsible for limiting the building of muscle mass. The action of this type makes YK-11 one of the most interesting compounds that are available on the SARM market. The main action is characterized by the intensification of the growth of muscle mass, promotion of anabolic changes, inhibition of the action of myostatin and increasing the activity of bone cells and increasing their mineralization.


1 capsules twice a day. Use at 8-hour intervals.

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