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  • Promotes Lean Tissue Growth
  • Improves Body Composition
  • Maximizes Nutrient Usage

  • Get The Edge.

    Turkesterone has quickly risen through the ranks of natural compounds to spark new lean muscle tissue growth. If you've been struggling to break through stubborn plateaus and pack on pounds, this just may be your key to success. This compound has been shown to improve the body's efficiency in metabolizing carbohydrates and lipids, increase protein synthesis, and promote new muscle tissue growth. This versatile supplement can be used to fast-track your way to goals of any kind.

    Benefits of Turkesterone 

    Derived from the plant Ajuga Turkesteroneranic, this compound is similar to testosterone on a molecular level. While the molecular makeup is similar, the two compounds are processed by the body in two entirely different ways. Turkesterone does not shut down your natural production of testosterone nor does it cause an elevation in estrogen levels. When it comes to muscle builders, this is the safest, natural ingredient on the market today. 

    Key Ingredients

    Ajuga Turkestanica Extract 

    When purchasing Turkesterone on the market today it's important to double check the yield of Turkesterone to ensure you are getting a potent and pure product. We use Ajuga Turkestanica Extract standardized to 10% Turkesterone.

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