ราคาปกติ $200.00 USD
ราคาปกติ ราคาช่วงลดราคา $200.00 USD
การลดราคา ขายหมดแล้ว

My client’s success is my only goal. I want you to succeed. Whatever your goal may be, whether to lose weight, build muscle, gain strength, or even compete! I am here to guide you and do things the right way. Your health comes first!


Below is some information about the program I have available.

1 My program includes a customized Diet, Training/cardio and Supplement plan tailored to each individual.

2 The Diet plan consists of 5 to 7 meals per day, depending on each individuals needs.  Some clients will have up to 8 meals per day.  Again, it all depends on the individual.  We are all different and our nutritional needs vary.

3 The Training program focuses on high repetition with heavy weight training, combined with cardiovascular exercise.  I have a six day training program, which includes targeting each muscle group. Again, depending on the individuals schedule (work/family), we can modify this program accordingly. If you have no access to a gym, an at home program can also be provided for you. 

4 The supplement program will include all essential vitamins and muscle building products, which will correlate with your diet and training plan.  Again, this will be customized to each individual, depending on his or her goals; for example, competitor versus non-competitor.

5 All athlete check-ins are done via e-mail.  Check-ins are done Weekly, every Saturday or Sunday mornings. Each check-in will include a brief questionnaire to see how the individual did with his or her diet for the week.  Also, the client will send 3 pictures, front, side and back.  This will allow me to make adjustments as necessary to the individuals diet, training and supplement program.  The client will also weigh himself or herself first thing Saturday or Sunday morning, on an empty stomach and report the weight on the check-in sheet.

6 I also personally train with each individual to make sure he or she understands the training program.  This is separate, sessions are up to one hour. 

7 I am available 24/7, except when I’m sleeping, using the bathroom, or tied up doing life activities 😊  otherwise, I am available for any questions, or simply just to talk about what’s going on.

I can’t explain how important COMMUNICATION is between the two of us. It is important to communicate! Do not assume anything. If you are unsure, ask!

With communication and consistency, we will succeed.

I give my clients 100% so I expect to receive 100% in return. I can and will give you all the tools you need to succeed but it is ultimately up to you to utilize it.


Monthly $200 + One-time Initiation fee $300

***All one on one personal training are separate. Please see Personal training for more details.